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  • Wedding Paper Confetti Bags

    Paper Wedding Confetti Bags 40gsm (Flush Top)
    From £0.08incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 14 sizes
    Paper Wedding Confetti Bags (60gsm)
    From £0.19incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 11 sizes
    Paper Wedding Confetti Bags (40gsm)
    From £0.14incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 6 sizes
    Paper Wedding Confetti Bags 60gsm (Flush Top)
    From £0.48incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 9 sizes
    Wedding Paper Confetti Bags

    Crafted from premium glassine paper, our confetti bags offer both style and functionality, ensuring that your confetti throwing moments are picture perfect. The translucent nature of the glassine paper allows glimpses of the contents within, adding a captivating appearance to your wedding stationery.

    Featuring an open top for effortless filling and graceful presentation, these glassine confetti bags add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your wedding décor. Alternatively choose from our convenient peel and seal closure bags, guaranteed to provide a secure seal and keep your confetti or favours safely contained until they're ready to be shared, either options are designed for both practicality and charm.

    What makes glassine paper a good choice for confetti bags?

    Glassine paper is a unique material known for its biodegradability and exceptional resistance to grease and moisture. This ensures that your confetti stays fresh and vibrant throughout the day, making it perfect for capturing those memorable wedding moments.

    Can Confetti Bags be Personalised?

    We are pleased to offer customisation options to tailor the design of the confetti bags to your specific preferences and wedding theme. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss your customisation needs further.